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 We would like to inform you about the activities of our business and our history.

Radio 741 company, since 1979, exports and distributes thousands of electronic components and test equipment worldwide. 

We apply to:

    1. Broadcasting Stations
    2. Radio Amateurs
    3. Telecommunication Companies
    4. Medical Companies
    5. Heavy Industry
    6. Military

Our business goals are to:

  • Provide electronic components that are in stock to eliminate long lead times from suppliers.
  • Provide hard-to-find, genuine electronic components fast to help you facilitate your repairs or keep your production running 
  • Extend the lifecycle of electronic equipment





In 1979, Antonis Maniatis with his father started a small electronics TV and Audio repair shop in Martiou, a district in Thessaloniki center. The main activities of the business then were small appliances repair and small-scale neighborhood distribution of electronic and electrical components. The size of the shop was only 25sq meters and the product’s range was limited to just 200 different part numbers. Since 1985, Antonis Maniatis expanded the product range and focused on electronic components distribution for Broadcasting FM and TV stations. 

Image 1 – Shop Martiou 1990 - Antonios Maniatis (Electronic Engineer) with his friend John Siamidis (Aerospace Engineer)

In 1993, the product’s range was significantly increased and the first printed products catalogue was designed, printed, and distributed across Greece and the Balkans. Due to the distribution of the product catalogue and increased demand for electronic components, the business grew fast. The printed catalogue was a huge success and continued until 2006. 



As space was an issue, Antonios Maniatis moved the business to a privately owned 3 story shop at a strategic spot in one of Thessaloniki’s most busy roads, Konstantinou Karamanli. During that time, the business was focused mainly on distributing AM / FM Radio and TV stations in Greece and the Balkans with hard-to-find components. Since 2000, the business started the distribution of ham radio equipment because a lot of customers were expressing interest in ham radio equipment.

Image 2 – 1995 Shop K Karamanli 176.



The year 2006 was the last year that the catalogue was printed and the business converted to an online-only catalogue. At that time, an e-shop was not available but an online catalogue was regularly updated. Up until 2006, 19 catalogues were printed and played a significant role in the expansion of the business. They were discontinued in 2007 and were replaced by the website. 

Image 3 – No. 19 2006 Last printed catalogue.

The website development was a step forward and helped expand the product range and customer reach. During the summer of 2011, the website catalogue was updated into an e-shop and started taking the first online orders. The product range expanded to include microwave and industrial electronic components. While over 25000 different part numbers were available, only 6000 were listed online due to the limitation of space.  



The year 2017 was significant. With the continuous development of the website and product range, the business grew. An important growth factor was our eBay export store, which helped us gain access to the USA and Asian markets.  The business, apart from its main activities, focused on providing in stock, hard-to-find electronic components that become obsolete, and help extend the lifecycle of electronics. Our main target market, changed from Greece, to worldwide.  

To achieve a broad range of stock products the business took the next step and decided to move into a warehouse of 800 square meters in Kalamaria, eastern Thessaloniki. The net warehouse storage space is currently 650 square meters. At the same time, we are developing a privately owned warehouse with a net storage space of approximately 1000 square meters, with an additional 200 square meters of office space and test lab. 


Image 4 – 2018 Warehouse Space picture


In the near future, we expect to increase our product range and increase the website’s different part numbers to above 30000.  In the meantime, we work hard to finish our warehouse project which is currently under development. 


Image 5 – Under development logistics facility.