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SECTION 1 - Packing 

Packages below 70kgs are usually made in carton boxes. Parcels weighing over 70kgs will be shipped in pallets. We make our best efforts to prepare the safest possible packages to protect the orders from shipping damage. 

SECTION 2 - Shipping companies 

-For Exports outside the EU, we use Hellenic post, FedEx, or TNT. 

-For EU shipments we use Hellenic post or TNT 

-For Greek shipments, we use only ACS Courier. 

SECTION 3 - Shipping Locations 

We ship worldwide but some of the equipment available on our website may be subject to export restrictions and regulations, and cannot be shipped worldwide. You will be notified accordingly and be refunded if we can't ship to your location. 

SECTION 4 - Transaction Incoterms 

To European Union countries - Delivered duty paid (DDP).

All other locations - Delivered at Place (DAP). 

Unless a written agreement for a different term.

SECTION 5 - Shipping Costs 

The shipping cost will be calculated during checkout based on your delivery address and the total shipping weight.